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Tune in Tuesday to APRN’s Talk of Alaska

We’ll be on APRN’s Talk of Alaska program this coming Tuesday, Dec. 7 – show starts at 10am. We’ll be reading The Bight and talking about self publishing in Alaska.

Bight Reading This Saturday at the Sitka Grind

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We’ll be reading The Bight in person tomorrow at the monthly Sitka Grind.
Saturday, December 4
Show starts at 7pm
Sheet’ka Kwaán Naa Kahídi Community House.
“He was dressed all in rubber, in greens an in reds.”
Don’t worry, no fish heads this time.

Santa By Sea

Rachel West, DO Family Doctor – GeneralDr.
Bight makes connection to Massachusetts maritime community.  Read more in the Gloucester Times. Scroll down to “Santa By Sea.”

Get Your Book Signed

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Need a unique Alaskan gift for your friends or relatives? We’ll be at the Annual Christmas Bazaar (November 27th) at Harrigan Centennial Hall. Come get your book signed by the Author and Artist!

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Book Reading at the Library

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Kettleson Memorial Library
December 16, 2009

Sitka Residents Publish Holiday Children’s Book

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Capital City Weekly Article about the Bight – December 9, 2009.